Party Registration

Preparing the Application

Party registration forms can be downloaded from our Forms and Guides page. Before a political party can be registered with Elections NL, it must:

  • submit a Political Party Application
  • submit a signed petition with a minimum of 1,000 names of eligible electors that can attest to the existence of the political party
  • appoint both a chief financial officer (CFO) and auditor
  • provide a mandatory audited statement of the assets and liabilities as of a date not earlier than 90 days prior to the date of application for registration and attested to by the CFO

When completing the forms, please be sure that:

  • all information is accurate and complete (inaccurate information will cause delays and may be a contravention of the Elections Act, 1991 )
  • information is typed or printed clearly on the form

Reviewing the Application

When a completed application is submitted, officials from Elections NL will review the application to determine if the political party can be registered.

Applications determined by the Chief Electoral Officer to meet all of the requirements of the Elections Act, 1991  will be entered into the register of political parties.

Applicants not meeting the requirements of the Elections Act, 1991  will be notified of the deficiencies in their application and be permitted to make revisions.

A party is not an officially registered party until the Chief Electoral Officer has approved the application.

Elections NL encourages individuals or parties interested in forming a registered political party to review Section 278 of the Elections Act, 1991  for specific guidelines respecting the registration requirements and process. Elections NL further encourages interested individuals or parties to contact this office for any queries on the application process.