Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Information

The Chief Electoral Officer advises that all candidate CFOs refer to Election Finance Regulations: A Guide for Chief Financial Officers in a General Election or By-Election. This guide provides an important supplementary aid to the Elections Act, 1991  and promotes an understanding of legislative requirements, particularly as they apply to Part III (Election Finance Provisions).

The following documents support the administrative requirements of each candidate's Chief Financial Officer and can be downloaded from our Forms and Guides page:

  • Attestation of Chief Financial Officer and Auditor's Report
  • Candidate Statement of Income and Expenses
  • Campaign Period Financial Statements Supporting Schedules (Schedules 1 to 12)
  • Guide for completing Candidate Schedules and Statement
  • Revenue Journal Spreadsheet
  • Guide for using the Revenue Journal Spreadsheet
  • Expense Journal Spreadsheet
  • Guide for using the Expense Journal Spreadsheet